Beacon Cinema Remodeling with Seating for the 21st Century

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(PITTSFIELD, MA) – Developer Richard Stanley is making a significant renovation investment in the Beacon Cinema beginning July 2017. The renovation includes the removal of all the existing stadium seating and replacing them with luxurious, high quality Power Recliners complete with  adjustable arm rests which offer a true love seat experience. “Our patrons will experience seating for the 21st century.” said owner Richard Stanley. The Beacon is investing approximately $500,000. in the renovation.

To kick off the new project, the Beacon will be offering a number of exciting promotions and contests throughout the entire renovation period.

“We want people to be as excited as we are.” said Lydia Shulman, Beacon Manager. “We’re thrilled to showcase the new seating. We’ll have a  demo seat set up in the lobby where folks can actually experience the new seats themselves.”  Customers will be encouraged to sit in the demo seats and take a selfie,  then they can email the photo to the Beacon to be entered into a raffle for monthly prizes of 10 free tickets. Each month the Beacon will post the winners on the pre-movie slide show social media and promotional website

In addition, the Beacon will give out scratch off tickets to patrons with prizes such as free or discounted tickets that can be used once the new seating is in place.

Finally, there will be a Grand Prize.  All patrons are eligible to enter to win a weekend for two in San Juan Puerto Rico, hotel and air included. All one has to do to enter for the Grand Prize is to participate in the Selfie or Scratch Card promotions. The reverse side of the scratch card is the entry form.

The Beacon understands that it is inconveniencing its patrons amid the renovation process, so they are making visiting the Beacon during construction fun and rewarding. The renovation is scheduled to begin mid July and end by mid October. During the renovation process only 3 theaters will closed at a time.

About The Beacon Cinema

The Beacon Cinema is an independent movie theater first opened to the public November 2009.  The realization of this project came from a $23 million renovation of the Kinnell-Kresge building by developer Richard Stanley. The high tech- all digital cinema offers first-run films, and beer and wine.

10 thoughts on “Beacon Cinema Remodeling with Seating for the 21st Century

  1. I can’t stand the mall seating! Having to choose your seats before seeing them stinks. Not to mention there’s only one aisle in the seating arrangement like this at the mall. It means getting up and out inconveniences those around you and feels like a fire hazard. Keep the small town feel to the Beacon and let it be. We choose the Beacon OVER the mall for it’s charm.

  2. I wonder if they will now be offering captioned movies. When I asked about it upon the opening of the Beacon, the manager said it wasn’t worth the cost, which turned me off from the Beacon entirely.

  3. The recliners are not comfortable for many tall people. I’m 6’5″, and I always have to bring a throw pillow for my lower back. I also hate that the center aisle inside the Beacon theaters is exactly where the best seats should be! Stupid.

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